Recording lighting cues

I realize that I might have missed something but I have been thru the "Use DMX light in video setups" tutorial several times and I can't seem to figure out how to record a sequence of lighting cues in the dashboard.  I am able to get lights to respond but every change I make, and hit save current state in edit board mode, is made across the entire dashboard and not just the column I am working on.  

The lights are activated in Millumin and I can change brightness and color.

Also,  I am changing the lighting brightness/color in the upper right hand lighting dialogue box.  The circle with plus sign icon,  for the control dropdown menu, does not appear in the lighting fixture rows.  This happens,  or doesn't happen, in either board edit or run mode.  

I am sure there is a simple solution but I have missed it.

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  • Hello @Trigg,

    The lights have a continue behaviour such as the medias.
    Tat mean that if for example you record a light state in column 1 and another in column 5, the lights will keep the same value in column 2,3 and 4.

    Also beware that the "save current state" is not effective on the current column but on the column on witch you open the pop up.

    Please let us now if that's not clear.



  • Thank you for your response.

    This still doesn't fix things.  

    When I set a value on the light I have to do it in the Fixture panel that opens to the right of the canvas when the light layer is selected.  This because the Circle and Plus sign dropdown selector does not appear.  It does not appear in the run mode or "edit board" mode.  I do not have local control of the light properties on the layer.  

    When I set a level in column 1,  hit save current state, and move to column 5 and make a change, hit save current state,  the change I made to column 5 is also made to column 1.  

    I assume that the box that I am changing values in does not send values to the actual columns in the dashboard but controls the lights directly and that information is not recorded.  But as I have said, I am not getting the drop down Circle and Plus symbol dropdown for lights. It is appearing for the canvas layers.

    The lighting layers are active being checked in the dropdown located in the search box.

    Is there a reason I am not getting the Circle and Plus sign dropdown that is shown for setting values as is shown in the lighting tutorial?  This is happening on 2 different newish macs.  I am using an Enttech USB Pro as my interface.

    Thank you for your time.

  • Hello @Trigg,

    Millumin interface as evolved since we made the tutorial, that's why you didn't have the white plus.

    Please let us now if anything is still not clear.


  • Thank you but changing intensity is not really my issue.  

    Following these steps the intensity pops up and down gleefully, to different preset levels on the columns,  while the color remains the last color set regardless of what was previously programmed into the columns.  The result is all columns are always the last color set even tho other colors have been set on other columns and save current state pushed on those columns verified by the changing intensities.

    This is consistent whether I use RGB, RGBW or IRGBW.  I have used Chauvet Slimpar 64s as my test fixtures.

    In short I have not ben able to figure out how to store different color information to the columns.

    Sorry to be a pest and I am sure I am missing a switch or something.

  • Hello @Trigg,

    In Millumin2 all the recordable parameters are in the dashboard. 
    The light part of Millumin2 is focused on traditional lights. Led projector support is not complete for now. 

    A (not perfect) solution would be to create a data track with the right dmx address to store the color.

    You can also post an Uservoice so we can keep track of your idea.


  • Gotcha...  Pity, that would have taken an already great product over the moon.

    Thank you for your answer. I will give it a shot.

  • This is a very big problem. Seriously you can not change the colors in the columns ??
  • Hello @alberto,

    (sorry for the delay, but I waited to have some more info before replying you)

    Since we have been focused on traditional lights, we first designed the light-plot of Millumin to handle PARs, fresnels, ... Not the other kinds of lights (including the one that can change their own color).
    But you can do this via pixel-mapping (see this tutorial) or via data-track (see this tutorial).

    However, we have been thinking for a while about controlling more advanced fixtures (such as moving heads). We made some tests and progresses recently : but keep in mind that such a system is requiring a lot of hard work, and it's not easy as it seems.
    Anyway, this is something we really hope to release, and we'll do our best to do so. Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe
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