Keyframes in Millumin V1

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Creating two different composite for two part of the show.

Every composite does hold many images, to be used in the timeline with cue point. 

Every image does need to be in a different position to adapt to the mask I need to use to not project on performers. Using keyframes to animate the position so that every image does have his own.

All working fine in the first composite, but in the second every time I change a position in the following image also the previous keyframes are affected. A bug? Where can I find a keyframe help/tutorial?


  • Hello @davide445,

    We tested on our side, and didn't find a problem.
    Be sure that you don't have two keyframes very close eachother : zoom in the timeline, or remove your keyframes one-by-one, to see if there is another keyframes just behind.

    Let us know the results.
    Best. Philippe
  • Ok did find the problem, I needed to keyframe not only the position but also size and rotation, otherwise changing for one will change also for all the others.

    About keyframing: if I want to change on keyframe I need to simply click on it, or need I to shift the timeline cursor exactly at the keyframe?
  • Hello @davide445,

    Yes, in Millumin V1, you need to change the value of the keyframe this way (we improved this behavior in Millumin V2).

    However, keep in mind that you can copy-paste keyframe : it can be very useful in your case, since you want to create "state" for each of your media.
    Alternatively, you could also use a different layer for each media.

    Best. Philippe
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