Zoom in workspace (Millumin V1)

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Using Millumin once a year I need to relearn every time all his features. Using v1 since working on old laptop.

This time I didn't find a way to simply center the render screen on the Dashboard. 

Using the zoom I can zoom in but the screen is going always on the far left and I can't find a way to return it in the center, so to look at other parts of the video.

Also: can't find a way to simply reorder sources in the library, dragging to a new position didn't change anything.


  • Hello @davide445,

    Our help-center features a list with all shortcuts for Millumin.

    The one you are looking for, is ⌘ ⌥ F
    It will fit content into workspace.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe
    Yes I did re-discovered the fit to workspace, but I want also to zoom i.e. into the lower left corner to adjust a mask, and I can't find a way to center this part -not the whole- on the window.
    No scrollbars are appearing, no click and drift is working, so how I'm supposed to look at specific details.
    Also what about reorder items in the source library, I can order by name etc but can't find a way to create my custom order.
  • Hello @davide445,

    Point your mouse-cursor on the center of your mask, then zoom with your mouse (without moving your mouse-cursor) : Millumin will zoom this very specific part.
    Alternatively in Millumin V1, you can maintain SPACE and move-around your workspace (like in Photoshop).

    Library of Millumin is like the Finder : you cannot reorder item customly, just change the order by name or type.
    However, you can create "folders" to organize your library : click the "gear" icon and press the button "Create a Folder".

    Best. Philippe
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    Many thanks, sorry I never used Photoshop (or After Effects), understood Millumin is using many industry standard UX but I did't have any background on Adobe applications (nor I will probably ever have) having found licensed alternatives.
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