Master Cue V6 into Millumin to control the index of a .pdf

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Dear Millumin team,

i have a Master Cue V6 connected via USB to Millumin.
With this I would be able to switch the pages of a .pdf file forward and backward. It just does not work the way I want it.

When I open the interaction window, Millumin detects the device. With the forward and backward buttons I want to control the index. The buttons on the remote control are recognized. When I click forward, apparently as FN+Right. If I click backwards, apparently as FN+Left.

If I take as a type switch and set the value between 1 and 2, it always jumps to page 2 and immediately after that back to page 1.
If I use Toggle as Type and enter the values 1 and 2, it jumps between pages 1 and 2 and stays on the respective side as it should.

How I can get it so as I can always use the forward key to switch the index always a number higher and with the back-button the index always a number lower?

Thank you for your effort in advance!

kind regards



  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    This is not possible : there is no such interaction that could accumulate numbers (each time the interaction is performed).
    In fact, Millumin would need a new transformer : neither "switch" or "toggle", but rather a new one such as "accumulator".

    This should come in next update, but keep in mind this is not our priority.

    Best. Philippe
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    Thanks for your fast reply, Philippe!
  • Hello @CitizenCaine,

    For the record, a new transformer is available in latest beta : accumulator. Perfect to increase the page of your PDF media.
    See this post.

    Best. Philippe
  • great, Philippe
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