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Hi. I have bought the last MacBook Pro and so I can use millumin v2 :-)

So I just have some questions :

1 > Is it possible to put a shortcut of keyboard (backspace for example) to stop all layers ?
2 > Same question for go to the next dahsboard... from any time, just a shorcut
3 > Can midi interactions (mini launchpad and keyboard) be avaible for all dashboards ... for example, TAB or any key of launchpad can change opacity of layer #9 or active case2 of layer4 on all dashboards ?...

Thx by advance. Have fun. Bye !


  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    To reply your questions :

    1 : There is an entry in the menubar "Board" / "Stop All", so you could assign a keyboard shortcut to it. See this tutorial.

    2 : No, there is no shortcut to go to the next dashboard. In fact, Millumin automatically goes to the next when you reach the last column. However, you could use the OSC API to do so, especially by creating a TouchOSC template : see this tutorial and the OSC documentation.

    3 : No, this is not possible, sice interaction are related to the object they are manipulating. However, once again, you could do so via the OSC API and TouchOSC. Or Lemur, see this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello. Thx Philippe, but I don't want to use any "touch" device... I just have keyboard of the laptop and a mini lauchpad of novation ...

    Best regards
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    You can use keyboard for answer #1.

    For answer #2 and #3, you could write a mini-script using the OSC API to do so. See our developer-kit where there are many examples.
    Alternatively, you could submit an idea on Uservoice : it helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe...
    I regret these answers, because with the first version of Millumin, we can use Milliplug and link a key of a launchpad to an action for all dashboards ... It was easy and useful ... 
    I can't write a script OSC API, because I'm not programmer, just videast...
    Thx for your answer. Have Fun ... 
  • Hello @romaincarlier,

    Please keep in mind that MilluPlug was an experimental application, not meant to evolve. 90% of MilluPlug is included in Millumin V2, and of course, much more.
    However, we understand your need, and I noted your 3 ideas in our long-term roadmap. We hope to find a solution to allow even more flexibility with interactions.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @romaincarlier,

    Good news, I think I found a solution that is very complementary to Millumin's interactions.
    This is a software called Chataigne :

    It's new but very promissing. And free, so don't forget to thank you its creator.
    Please find below, a quick tutorial to achieve what you want (and easily much more).

    Best. Philippe

    - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    To select a specific board via MIDI :

    • Download Chataigne

    • If you get a message such as "Chataigne can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" : simply right-click the application, and select "Open" to get rid of this warning.

    • Add 2 modules "Millumin" and "MIDI" with the following setup (higher image resolution can be downloaded at the bottom of this message) :
    • Add a state with the following setup :
    • Don't forget to donate, or at least thank you Chataigne's creator

      - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    2670 x 1256 - 322K
    2670 x 1256 - 311K
    2670 x 1256 - 344K
  • Yeah. Right.... Thank you.
    I need time to read and understand the software ... I will read it soon...
    Thx for your precious time ...
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