Data string send to Barco E2


I'm trying to trigger our Barco E2 switcher with millumin v2 true a data string. Barco requires the command "ATRN" to do a transition from preview to program. Image attached of the settings I'm trying. IP address and port settings are correct because with my laptop and a telnet session it works. Also the "current value" is confusing for me as the timing parameter is in the string itself (f.e. "ATRN 200").

Please advice...


  • Hello @Hans_A,

    Are you sure your Barco E2 can receive strings (maybe there is a parameter to activate this feature) ? Does it work with another software sending such strings (not a telnet session, that is very different) ?
    Also, check the protocol : itcould be UDP instead of TCP.

    Lastly, regarding the message, I guess it should be "ATRN [INT_VALUE]", so you could specify wich value to send to your Barco E2 (50 or 200 for example). See this tutorial.

    Best. Philippe
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