Multi-camera feeds and switching

I am looking for some help with setting up a multiple camera system that can be run from one MacPro (late 2013) computer. This is for a live theatre show that requires at least 3 live-feeds to two projectors. 

Blackmagic's ultra 4k and TV studio was recommended, but I need more info about which ATEM work best with Millumin and what the set-up might look like.

I have the following HDV cameras:
3x Sony HVR-V1U (HDMI output)
1x Canon XH-A1 (Video BNC output)
1x Canon XL-H1 (SDI output)

Any advice would be superb!


  • Hello @pauljohn,

    Millumin does not support Blackmagic ATEM device since there are "switchers".
    However, if your Blackmagic capture device is able to capture several feeds at the same time (such as some Intensity models), you could "switch" directly from Millumin.

    My advice should be to contact Blackmagic support, explain your goal, and ask them for the best solution. You can tell them that Millumin is supporting natively Blackmagic capture devices (via their own Blackmagic libraries).

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for the advice.
    Wouldn't the BMD TVS work with an Ultra Studio Recorder to Thunderbolt?

    Also, I was thinking about an alternative. Could someone tell me if multiple cameras will show up in millumin with a AJA Io 4K I/O for Thunderbolt 2 device?

  • Hello @pauljohn,

    I don't think the Ultra Studio Recorder is meant to work with the Atem Television Studio.
    You should contact Blackmagic support to learn more about the best workflow in your case.

    Keep in mind, that Millumin can deal with a device capturing several feeds at once (like some Blackmagic Intensity models) : so it can act as a switcher.

    We don't own AJA Io 4K I/O at our studio, but the AJA Io XT is working perfectly (including Thunderbolt daisy-chain).
    Support on Millumin doesn't depend on us, but on the drivers provided by AJA : if Quicktime (or any standard macOS software) is able to see your multiple cameras, Millumin will do.
    Again, be sure to contact AJA support, and ask them if it's possible to capture 3 feeds at the same time (I don't think it's possible).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Philippe,
    Thanks for the reply. I have exiting news - I just spoke with AJA and they told me that it is possible to capture as many feeds as inputted. They have been working with Wirecast to create a plug-in to be able to live switch within the Wirecast software. But they also have plug-ins for After Effects and Premier and then their own desktop software. They said that it can output 4 streams of concurrent HD video!

    I also talked about Millumin to them and they encourage the use of their SDK to partner. Maybe this would be of interest to you. I know that we would love it!

    I will go to NYC this weekend to continue working on the Mannes Opera with Troy Hourie and I will buy a unit to test. If it works I will take it back to the University of Waterloo where we will try 4 feeds on our next show. I will keep you in the loop and hope that you might also be around to trouble shoot.
    Thanks again,

  • Just to be clear...  How many Thunderbolt Blackmagic Mini recorders can you use with Millumin at one time? I am thinking about getting a second one.
  • Hello @Trigg,

    There is no limit, unless Blackmagic put one.
    For info, Millumin is using Blackmagic libraries, and we're not aware of such a limit. We already plugged 2 or 3 Blackmagic capture devices at the same Mac, and everything was ok (even if the model of the devices was the same).

    If Millumin detects several Blackmagic devices of the same model, it will give them a different name (based on the device's serial number).

    Best. Philippe
  • Perfect!  Thanks

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