Midi inside a Timeline in the Dashboard ?

I have some layers (around 70..) that react to midi in a Timeline on a canvas. If I'm correct, midi can't go through if I just put my timeline in the Dashboard.
So far, I've found two options:
- put these 70 layers in the dashboard (not that clean...)
- use a second instance of Millumin and a syphon (I already use one Millumin & one Millumin2, it would be the third...)

Any other idea/solution I would have missed ?


  • Hello @hyll,

    Interactions are layer related. So when you exit the timeline edition to dashboard, the interactions are related to the layers in the dashboard.

    If you don't need the timelines functionality, the best way is to put the medias in the dashboard directly.
    You can also create an uservoice so we can keep track of your idea.


  • Thanks, but using the dashboard with a few canvas and one with 70 different layers is not very user friendly ;)
    Thanks anyways
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