which controller do you use?


I am wondering which controller would be good to use with millumin. 
I want to pipe it into another app (via syphon, etc . modul8, CoGe)  and have control over the "launch next column",
"launch previous column" button. 

And I find it interesting which controller other people use. 

all the best Peter 


  • Hi there

    I use my iPad running TOUCHOSC which has a great user designable layout for buttons, faders, dials etc etc,
    and then either run this directly into Millumin using the TOUCHOSC BRIDGE OS X app or OSCULATOR which translates OSC commands very easily. Definitely both worth a look.

  • Im using the Alias 8 from Livid. Its a nice combination of buttons and faders in compact and rugged form. And The thing I really like it has eight analog inputs so you can add your own potentiometers, faders or buttons to it.

  • Korg NanoPad. Normally just triggering VT states and playback, so map the pads to columns.
  • Novation launchpad...  old school but works well for Watchout also.
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