Mask subtract menu changed

Hey , 

I saw the tutorial on how to subtract the mask, but it seems that the menu has changed
I can only find "hide pixels" and "show pixels" over there. 

Where can I find the subtract command. 

Any body knows? 

thanxs Peter 


  • Hello @pele2010

    We just change the options' name. So "show pixels" is equivalent to "add" and "hide pixels" to "subtract".

    Let me know if that solve your problem,

    Sincerely yours,

  • Hi Nicolas, 

    kind of confusing, that hide pixels is doing the same thing than subtract.

    Is it easier to understand? 

    I am trying to understand why you did that? 

    thanxs Peter 
  • Hi @pele2010,

    "add" and "subtract" were the terms we used in Millumin v1. That was mathematical terms. It seems for us that in the v2 using more descriptive terms will be more understandable for our users. Hiding pixels is what the mask does when you choose the "hide pixels" option.

    Sincerely yours,

  • Hi Nicolas, 

    I can understand this, but all the user with a "graphic" background will look at it
    and ask this question, as long as the old tutorial is online. 
    I guess it would be very helpful to change this. 

    kind regards 
  • Hi Peter and Nicolas
    I agree with Peter that this is very confusing. Why not stay with terminology that is used in all other programs. There have been many illogical changes made to V.2. For example , you must select a layer to to copy keyframes to even if it's the same layer you are copying to. Another thing is that the values for opacity, position etc. are not next to where you set keyframes. Why? The functionality of the timeline is still primitive to put it nicely.

    kind regards
  • Hello @rayl,

    We changed the wording, because we observe a lot of people were puzzled with the concept of "add" or "substract". Such concepts are anyway hard to explain, whatever wording is used.
    So we planned to write a tutorial to explain how masks can be used, in detail I mean : from simple masks, to more complex ones that including compositing, as well as "matte" masking.

    In Millumin V2, we added a lot, and rethink many features. For the better I guess. I'm sure everyone is happy to be able to have keyframes other than the classic opacity, rotation or scale ones. I mean : keyframes for effects, for Quartz parameters, ... And the same in the dashboard, that can now have "states" (equivalent of keyframes).
    To achieve this, we had to redesign the whole interface, and we couldn't put the text-field to edit current value. I hope you could understand our position.

    However, we are carefully listening to our users, and always try to improve the ergonomics for most users. That's why in next update, you will able to double-click on keyframes, and edit its value. We think it's a far more efficient solution (note that you always have been able to select the keyframe, and edit it in the properties-panel).

    Also, we fixed the behavior, so pasting keyframes works even if multiple keyframes are selected (if only one is selected, there were no problem). Ready for next update coming soon.

    Best. Philippe
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