MIDI cues from QLab misfiring in Millumin

I'm doing a show in which QLab is firing Millumin columns with MIDI. For the most part it works perfectly well. However, sometimes when Millumin receives a MIDI note, the video pops up for one seconds, then cuts to black and deselects the column. It's as if I had pressed play on a column, then immediately pressed stop. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why this is happening (i.e. it's not happening at specific cues or specific intervals.) It seems to happen less when we run the show start-to-finish, and more often when we're tech-ing different parts of the show, jumping around and skipping over cues. I'm stumped. Any ideas?


  • Do you have a picture of your interactions panel within Millumin ? - this may help to see if anything is triggering by mistake 
  • Hello @kramser,

    When you assign a MIDI note-on to one of the column of your board, Millumin will :
    - always launch this column, when receiving a note with a velocity different than zero
    - stop this column if the velocity is zero
    - do nothing if the column is already launched (and velocity different than zero)
    - do nothing if the column is already stopped (and velocity is zero)

    Another thing to understand : there are several MIDI destinations, such as "IAC Driver Bus" (generic destination) or "To Millumin". By default, Millumin listen all of them (see Device-panel, press CMD+K).
    So Millumin could receive twice the same MIDI note-on, depending on your MIDI configuration. Anyway, if you are as the image below, everything should be fine :

    If the problem persists, please send us a minimal project (only the .millumin and the .cues files), reproducing the problem (contact at millumin).

    Best. Philippe
    1702 x 806 - 154K
  • I'm having the same issue with a novation launchpad/Automap controller.  The command to advance columns works perfectly but the commands on the individual columns act as momentary and the scene goes to black when the midi button is released.

    I looked for the above image in muillumin  but coud not find it by hitting cmd k or going thru interactions.  Is it a screen shot from a midi controller software?
  • Hello @Trigg,

    The image above is for QLab. This is pointless in your case.
    To setup a MIDI button as a switch, please configure your interaction as a "switch" (see this tutorial).
    Also, be sure your MIDI button is sending a positive value when pressed (127 for example) and zero when released.

    Best. Philippe
  • Gotcha, thank you.

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