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Hello Philippe,  I saw that you will review arduino with Millumin at the mapping fest in May. 

Will you post any tutorial videos on this?  I think it'd be a fantastic thing to see.


  • Hello @Judgeworks,

    Hum ... something wicked this way comes ;)
    In the meantime, please download the developer-kit and enjoy the starter-tutorial with Arduino.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi. 
    Is there a way to send a trigger to Arduino from Millumin 2,  ten seconds before a movie is ending?

  • Hello @dnny,

    You could do so in a timeline : create a data-track, and send your trigger 10 seconds before the end of your movie. It's not possible in the dashboard.
    Alternatively, you could code this in the Arduino itself : the trigger from Millumin is sent at the same time the movie is starting, then Arduino is counting the time until doing its final operation.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks. I would really like a tutorial on the arduino on Millumin stuff. What kind of arduino is the best? There are so many flavors or Arduino.
  • Hello @dnny,

    We want to make some updates on the Arduino part before making tutorials. 
    Their is no best Arduino to work with Millumin. in fact, every device with a serial connection will work. 

    Arduino unos are the more classics and will fit perfectly if you want to read buttons/faders.
    Teensys are way more efficient and can emulate midi interface directly. 

    Hope it helps

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