Effect layer and timeline

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Searching for a way to create an "effects" layer, where I will put pre-rendered avi with transparent background.
This effects need to not play when I play the vertical strip, and I want to be able to play in any moment.
Right now I created a comp with some time after the media start in the timeline, put it in this effect layer so that I can stop the layer play and restart it, but it's really not a fine control.
Any better way to do this? 


  • hello @davide445,

    To play a clip at any moment, just put it alone in a column, and select it whenever you want.
    Note that this works only if your not in edit board mode 



  • Hi @AntoineM
    you'r right, I didn't think to this possibility, using the Continue option is working flawless.
    This sw is really phantastic.
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