Millumin for stage projections

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Just started knowing this tool, interested to know if v1 does have some features I want to use for theater stage projection during ballet event

- Want to mix separately video and audio, so that I can i.e. project a video/picture and in the meantime change audio, or the opposite. An example of the timeline is attached, where the transitions btw the different audio and video is not preset but need to be controlled manually (I need to follow what's on the stage)
- Need to be possible in every moment to stop and restart the play, with the option to do it only for video, for audio or both together 
- Using on an old 2011 15" MBP with Snow Leopard, there will be problems considering the integrated HD3000 GPU
- Considering differences in v2 vs v1 make sense to risk upgrading my OS


  • Hello @davide445,

    Millumin V1 can do what you're looking for (layer to organize your content, sequencer or timeline to play your audio/video content, time-panel to play/pause/stop your media, ...).
    Millumin V1 works on any computer running at least OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

    The best solution to get an idea of Millumin, is to download the free trial : no limitation during 30 days.

    There are many new features in Millumin V2 (segmented timelines, LED mapping, light plot, multiple canvases, data-track, ...). But you should be able to do what you want with Millumin V1.

    Best. Philippe
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    Testing it I was able to do all what I needed….it's beautiful!
    It's laking just the documentation, but in some way from forum to video tutorial is possible to find info.
    Just a question: any way to search multiple keywords in the forum, in a way the search is made for any keyword and both of them present in different places of the post?
    The most annoying thing I can't find is I the way to multiple select items in the library...
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    Hello @davide445,

    You will found a lot of tutorials, questions/answers, ... on our help center.
    (there is also a big button "Help" in Millumin's top-bar)

    Best. Philippe
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