Millumin to Qlab

Hi guys,

I want to send some OSC messages from Millumin to Qlab (I know how to do the reverse way).
But the listening port of Qlab is 53000. I can't use it with Millumin 2...

Any idea...




  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    Indeed, currently the port has to be between 1024 and 49151 : because other ports should not be used by applications in general.
    Anyway, in the next update (coming this week), we changed this limit to 1014-65536, so you could choose any port you want.

    Best. Philippe
  • So, I'll wait. 
    Thank you.

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    Hi Pierre!

    I wonder how you manage to send OSC message to QLab via Millumin. 
    Which type of commands do you send? I tried to launch "cue/1/start/" but I can't really figure how to manage this command with the value parameter. In this case, each time the value change, the cue 1 is launched. But it's not very simple to handle...

    The best way to manage would be to send the command directly like the "send test".  

    Thank you!

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    Hello @dubreski,

    Yes, this is the actual behavior : an OSC message is sent everytime the value in changing.
    So in your case, set the OSC address to "/cue/1/start/" and change the value in columns accordingly (or use "hold" keyframes in timeline). Also, be sure "alwyas trigger" is unchecked.

    But I guess, your real need is to send very different OSC message from the same data-track ("/cue/1/start/" in column 1, "/cue/2/start/" in column 4, ...).
    That's why we're thinking about a new mode, where the data-track could send a custom OSC message, and a different one on each column (like a "bang" is Max/MSP).
    Not a promise, but we're really thinking about it.

    Best. Philippe
  • Indeed, the best behaviour would be that you can specify that a keyframe is not a value but a OSC command who is sent when it's reach. 

    Thanks for your help! 

  • Hello @dubreski,

    This is available in latest beta (outside official channel).
    More info on this post.

    Best. Philippe
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    Hello @Millumin,

    Works like a charm! 
    Thank you very much!

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