Best set up with a MacPro and six projectors

having a headache trying to hook up 6 VP on a MacPro (late 2013 AMD FirePro D500)
I have a datapath 4X with 4 VP on it coming into my hdmi imput of the MP
simply thought I just could plug the 2 other VP on the minidisplay ports left.
But only one shows up, the other doesn't get any signal. 
I know there are 3 display buses on the MP, as I'm using only the three of em, what is wrong with my setup?

the HDMI (datapath) on bus 0
1 VP on bus 1
second one on bus 2
could somebody tell what's wrong with my setup and if it is possible to hook up 6 VP that way.
I have to deliver the client within 10 days so this puts me in a struggle, if anyone could help, this would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


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    Hello @roulito,

    Datapath require a dual link cable to work correctly with a Mac. Have you used one of them?

    Let us now of your progresses.


  • Hello @roulito,

    The problem should be solved by using active MiniDP to DVI adaptors for the 2 projectors. If that still does not work, you should use another active adaptor for the X4.


  • Thank you people,
    do you have a link with the right adapter or one in particular that you recommend ? I don't wanna screw up the order.

    Thank you very much for your help.
  • I'm agree with AntoineM: to use more than 2 displays in macpro you must use mini display to dual Link dvi adapter: i have made a test with 6 displays and it works
  • Thank you Guys, I'll get that asap.
    Otherwise, I thought of adding a triplehead matrox on my setup to manage the 2 other VP. Do you think that could work with the 4x already in? As I need a main monitor screen to manage millumin and the MP apps my final setup as I imagine it would be : 4vp on the 4x, 2 on the triplehead and one monitor display .is that realistic to you people? Thank you.
  • I've never run both DataPath and Matrox at the same time, but to answer your earlier question:

    You need to use ACTIVE DVI to display port adaptors. An ACTIVE adapter will convert the display port to DVI. The standard DVI to display port adapters are PASSIVE, they just pass the DVI signal from the MacPro through. MacPros can only support 2 DVI outputs (HDMI counts as one).The Apple mini-displayport is a dual-link active adapter capable of resolutions up to 2560x1440, but is $100 an has to plug into a USB port as well.

    If you just need 1920x1080, you can use a cheaper single-link ACTIVE adapter. I like the Accell B087B-006B UltraAV Mini DisplayPort to DVI-D Single-Link Active Adapter. I can get them from Amazon for under $30. The other advantage of these is they don't require a USB port. I've had 6 connected to my MacPro, each output running 1920x1080.
  • Hey Michael,
    Thanks a lot for this "economic friendly" advice. 
    My VPs are actually qumi Q7+ (matter of physical size for the project) and have a resolution of 1280X800 each - which seems to be ok for the acell.

    You're right, found that item on amazon and professionals users truly agree with you.

    I'll sure try that option.

    Thanks again.

  • I've hooked up the data 4X and and a Matrox triplehead on my Mac pro and it works with my 6 VP and a Imac 27 as a main monitor. I still have one input left on the matrox, i'll try that 8th monitors option later to see if it supports it
    looks stable until now (2 hours)

    I'll keep you informed with the different results I have.

    Thank you everyone.
  • I have a new macpro  setup and 6 outputs, using apples mini DP to DL-dvi.

    Pictures here:

    On each output I also have edid managers and distribution amplifiers, one connector goes to projectors and one for my own monitoring.

    I have tested a screen setup of 6+1 the one for my own control monitor and that is made by usb3 to dvi adapter, the frame rate and colors are not great but for timeline control its good ennough.

  • Thank you for these info @dnny
  • I did this last spring with with a triplehead for a touring show.  I had to break it down and set it up a dozen times, the biggest problem was finding a way to keep the displays straight, both in display properties on the mac, and in projector setup in Millumin.  Every reboot would juggle everything. 

  • Hello @RyanA,

    Unfortenatly, this is not depending on Millumin : every reboot, the Mac is redispatching the screens. Also, the ID of the screen can change at every reboot.
    However Millumin is saving the name of the screen, to find it after a reboot. But if several screens have the same name, this is not possible to retreive every output perfectly (often the case with TripleHead, because they have a generic name). We're studying another method to distinguish screens with more accuracy, but screen info could always change after a reboot.

    In such case and not to loose time :
    - open the "Ouput" popup
    - select "display test card"
    - go to "Multiscreen" tab an resort your screens

    Best. Philippe
  • A way to work around resetting the screens on reboot is by using the EDID managers on every output. It does create extra mess of cables, but is also useful if working with multiple projectors/displays in case one of them goes down/turns off. The computer still sees the display and keeps working as normal until the projector comes back up.
  • Hey,

    i recommand to attach the mac pro to a Barco E2 prozessor. Then you can go with 3x minidisplayport to Displayport cable. Set a 3840x1200(or1080) EDID an the E2 will split the Double-HD signals into 6x Outputs. If you have questions regarding Barco E2 mail me
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