Edge blending & curved surfaces

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Has anyone tried edge blending two projectors and warping onto a semicircle curved surface? 
I seem to have problems blending the two projectors perfectly due to the warped surface. Is it possible to adjust each projector's individual warping before edge blending? 



  • Hello @prolliness,

    Unfortenatly, you cannot warp directly the projector. At least for now.
    The best solution is probably to run 2 instances of Millumin : just copy the "Millumin.app" file, and connect the 2 instances via Syphon (menubar "Output" -> "Syphon Out").

    Then, you would have to do the soft-edge manually on the second instance : you need to use the "soft crop" effect. Be sure to run the latest version (1.36), as the slice editor will ease a lot the job.
    Keep in mind, it requires some time, and it won't be instantaneously.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hello,
    are there any updates on this?
    I need to do a project with a curved screen that has many layers and scenes, does it mean I need to warp all content separately?
    Maybe it would be easier to take the 4 outputs from millumin and capture them in another system and do just the warp there?
    If I run 2 instances of millumin the framerate gets really choppy.
    I would appreciate any ideas.
    The project is a curved 20m x 3m screen, 4 projectors.
    Thanks in advance
  • Hello, @alenmecan

    We haven't improved this functionality. Using two instances of Millumin remains the best solution. 
    You can vote for this user voice to help us tracking important functionalities.

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