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I am trying to output 3 different stereo tracks from Millumin. I have a RME Fireface attached and did the Routing in the Audio setup (3 different devices: Music, Clicktrack and SMPTE) but i can t select/route them in Millumin. The only option available is Default Output.

Any solutions?
Thanks Thomas


  • Hello @brand,

    You probably need to restart Millumin in 32-bits mode (see Preferences) to see your audio interface in "Audio" tab.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Phillipe. 

    I was wondering if this has been resovled?
    I am trying to sell Millumin for some events that I have coming up, but they will involve routing audio.
    Having just tried this its doesn't seem to work in 64-bit only 32...
    is there a solution coming up?



  • Hello @Sander,

    We're working on it, but we don't have a release date. Sorry.
    For next months, I guess you'd have to stick to 32-bits mode.

    Best. Philippe
  • thanks for the fast reply. 
    what is the wider implication of 32-bit over 64-bit?

  • Hello @Sander,

    64-bits brings better performance performance with Photo-JPEG (but using HAP codec in 32-bits is very close to such perf). Since the latest release, Millumin supports HAP in 64-bits natively, which brings even better performance.
    Also, 64-bits can use more RAM : 32-bits cannot use more than 4 GO, but at the same time, Millumin optimize the memory (preloading or releasing movies).

    Unless you're really hungry about performances, you can use Millumin in 32-bits for now, until we sort out audio routing for 64-bits.
    I hope you're not too disappointed, but please be patient, one thing at a time ...

    Best. Philippe
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    Merci Philippe,

    that is a shame…
    I will test in 32-bit mode, but I hope you can fix it soonish

    I am not to disappointed.
  • The main issue is that 32-bits does not work fluently on MacOS Yosemite or Mavericks (blinking, black frame on markers...), So you have to choose video OR multi-routing sound.
    64-bits : fluid video (two screens through DualHead), but only one stéréo sound.
    32-bits : multi-routing sound through Ableton Live and an interface, but video unmanageable...
    It's a devil trap ! 
    So we have to use two computers to separate the sounds, and make sync (?) by putting two fingers on the space bars !
    Please, solve it quickly ! (Show starts on October 23 !!)

    Anyway I will try HAP codec, but hopeless.
  • Hello @yb_inuit,

    You should send us your project (only the MILLU file for the moment) on and describe a scenario to reproduce the problem.
    So we could dig where the problem comes from ? So far, we didn't notice such a problem in 32-bits mode.
    Also, be sure to hit the 3optimize" button and follow the recommandations.

    Best. Philippe
  • OK I'll do that.
  • For the record about @yb_inuit problem : he solved it by doing a clean install of OSX Mavericks.
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