Millumin v2 Take OSC Data Track Value from Column Number or OSC Data Track send "Name"

Hey all,

I have 2 machines both running Millumin v2 with identically set up column numbering. I am trying to have one machine act as the master and trigger columns on the other machine at the same time as its own columns are triggered. Currently, I have this working via an OSC data track and the /millumin/action/launchOrStopColumn [index or "name"] OSC address. What I am having problems with, is if I need to delete a column on both machines, I have to manually renumber all of the OSC values to reflect the new column numbers. I think this problem would be solved if I could figure out how to make millumin send the name of a column instead of a number, but the value field only seems to accept numbers. Alternatively, if I could make the value field automatically update to whatever the column number is, that would solve my problem as well.

Do either of these options exist in Millumin v2? Or does anyone have any ideas for a better way to do what I am doing?




  • Hello @thejuggler,

    By default, interactions on columns are linked to index of column.
    But in latest beta (distributed outside the official channel), there is an option to "bind" interaction to a specific column, so even if you add/remove columns, the interaction will always stay binded to this specific column.
    More info on this post.

    Also, in this beta, you can create data-tracks that send flags (with strings, integers, floats).

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Phillippe, 

    Thanks for responding! How stable is the beta right now? It seems risky to me to run a show off of a beta, but it sounds like the beta would solve all my problems.


  • Hello @thejuggler,

    We are in the last phase of the beta, so we hope to release it in the next weeks.
    However, if you use it, just be sure you have some time to test it out.

    Best. Philippe
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