best set with mac and millumin as Barco E2

Hi there. I'm looking for the best option to set up a mac and millumin based computer that can compete in low cost format with a Barco E2 style video switcher. I've thought of a good multi-channel capture device -some blackmagic model-, a new macbook pro or a mac pro latest model and finally a system that efficiently manages multiple outputs, such as one or two datapaths.
Any suggestions?
Thank you very much to all.


  • I don't think you will ever get the latency down as much as an E2 system. From what I've read and correct me if I'm wrong, the UltraStudio 4k seems to be the fastest capture device compatible with Millumin and this still adds three frames on the input. An E2 system only adds one frame on the input and one frame on the output. That's what you are paying the big bucks for. However, given the current bandwidth of USB3 and Thunderbolt 3 technologies it might not be such a crazy thought.

  • I'm also heavily interested in this option and would like to know if anyone has any data regarding total system latency from capture card to output?

    My thought on hardware would be a Mac Pro with dual FirePro D700, a PCIe thunderbolt expansion chassis and the BlackMagic Decklink Quad 2 capture card. Currently unable to test this exact setup, so if anyone has info also on whether or not the Mac Pro could still push 6 monitors (one daisy-chained off the PCIe chassis), that would be extremely helpful.

  • Hello @michaelvoccola,

    We ran some tests years ago with 2 Blackmagic MiniRecorder, see this post (keep in mind that the GoPro HDMI has a very big latency, so not the most optimized test, but it can still give a good idea).
    you use a Thunderbolt 2 or USB-C chassis, I think you would have the
    same latency as if the device with inside a MacPro tower (since theses
    buses are really fast). But be sure to contact Blackmagic support to get
    a proper confirmation about that.
    To output on a videoprojector, usually add one frame of latency.

    We tested several outputs on the MacPro D300, and we're able to use 6 monitors @ 1080p60 without any extension card.
    However, be sure to test this yourself, with your own monitors/videoprojector.
    Note : we used active Thunderbolt-DVI adapters.

    Best. Philippe
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