Millumin and Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2

Hi everybody, does anyone has experience with the new Blackmagic Decklink Duo 2?
It's supposed to add 4 HD-SDI capture channels, working like four distinct capture cards. Does it works like that?
Has anyone used that with Millumin to achieve 4 different input sources?
I'm figuring out how to add to a Mac Pro, pre trash can model, a pci capture system to have 4 different input channels
Appreciate any share of experience.
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  • Hello @aigore,

    Millumin natively supports Blackmagic devices (Decklink, Intensity, Ultrastudio families), by using Blacmagic own libraries.
    So it will work as any Blackmagic application on macOS.

    From technical specs here, it can capture 4 x 1080p60 at the same time : "you get the flexibility of 4 separate capture or playback cards in one".
    But it's worth to ask Blackmagic support to be sure about that and in which conditions it'll work. They are usually very responsive.

    Best. Philippe
  • I got this card, it is working without problems in Millumin.

    Never tried 4 inputs simultaneously, but it should work most likely.

  • Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'm in touch with Blackmagic support.
    My best

  • I made a test, all 4 inputs are working at the same time.

    You have to configure the card's BNC connectors properly in the Decklink setup first.

    And be sure to have same framerates on all inputs.
    Otherwise Millumins output framerate is dropping significantly.
    @Philippe: Don't know, if you can fix this, but I guess it's a Blackmagic driver issue.
  • Hello @rolandino,

    Millumin is using Blackmagic libraries, so nothing we can optimize there (since we don't have the code of Blackmagic).
    I guess you should report this issue to Blackmagic, especially asking them how to test this properly with their own software (since Media Express can only capture one feed at a time). Also, maybe this is an hardware limitation.

    Best. Philippe
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