Best camera for live show ?

Hi ! I would like to have a little advise : I want to use a live camera for one of my show and I know that Millumin supports black magic librairies, but what camera do you recommend between the pocket cinema or the micro cinema ? It would be useful for me to be able to stream video wireless. I know that's better to use cables but sometimes it's just too far from my mac and the VP. 

 With that in mind, wich camera is the best according to you ? I've seen Microcosm on your website (Barthelemy Antoine Loeff) and I think he is using the pocket cinema. If you could share your experiments guys, it would be very useful ! Thanks !


  • Hi !

    I would like to buy a micro studio camera 4K because it's possible to control it with an arduino shield or an ATEM and it is designed for live show ! But no record...

    Wireless, you can use camera of an iPad or iPhone and use severeal Airport Express or Extreme...
  • Hi @rlalire (Romain ?)

    Yes, Millumin supports the blackmagic libraries for the capture devices. Not shure if Blackmagic have a wireless solution to stream the video... and as I know, it's quite expensive to have something great, that works well.

    Both Pocket Cinema and Micro Cinema are great cameras. Both great colors, some really nice options for the price :-)

    You have to know that even if they are both S16 sensors, the sensor of the Micro Cinema is a little bit better than the one on the Pocket Cinema (the pocket cinema is an "old" camera now...). The crop factor can be a huge problem on these cameras (2.88x). If you have money and need to use some canon or nikon lenses, AND reduce the factor crop, AND increase the aperture, search for the Metabones Speedbooster for the BMPCC on google. Expensive, but amazing !

    If you want to play with the shutter, prefer the Micro as it is a global shutter (versus a rolling shutter on the Pocket). Also, the battery on the Micro use the Canon LP-E6 battery pack (cheap, you find them everywhere, great life) versus the Pocket that use his own battery with a very small battery life. Finally, there is no screen on the Micro so you have to buy your own.

    On "macrocosm", you're right, I'm using the Pocket Cinema + the Ultra Studio as a capture device in HDMI :-) 

    Cheers :-)
  • Yes it's Romain ! Thanks for your answer Bart, your project looks amazing, hope to see it in live ! I think I will use the Micro Cinema. It was my first idea but when I saw your project, I was not 100% sure to choose the right camera. I will share my experience on this post if I find a good solution to stream wireless ! I will check the Metabones speedbooster, I still don't know wich lense to use for my project !

    And thanks Manouche35 ! I use airport extreme and iPhone (with TL remote) and it works great but I want a better quality, especially in low light conditions.
  • Thanks Romain ; hope to play again this performance soon :-) It's really new...

    Mmmmmmh... low light conditions are not the best conditions for the blackmagic camera as their sensors are S16... You can have a lot of grain quite fast (but, this is a point of view, I guess)... In this case, Speedbooster will really help !

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