Control columns using lighting console.


I would like to control the Millumin using lighting console (ArtNet)
I create simple project with 4 layers ( on video I use 2 of them ). Every column control diferent layer. Each CUE on lighting console should run the appropriate column. But when i back from CUE2 to CUE 1 - LAYER1 switches on, and after a short while automatically turns off.

I recorded a video where you can see exactly what's going on:

What am I doing wrong?  :)


  • Hello @avekamil,

    I can see at your end of your video, that your lighting console is sending a zero on channel 3. So it stops the column #3 (that was just launched).

    If you're using Millumin 2.18, you can display the monitor (click on "Window" in menubar) to check what DMX signals are received by Millumin.

    Best. Philippe

    PS : note that, as now, Millumin 2.18 is currently in beta, so you need to check "subscribe to beta" in Preferences/Update to get it
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