Transition time not working ? [SOLVED]

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I set transition times for some columns, saved the file, closed the program and when I opened it back up my transitions were not working. The values are in the columns still but the effect is not taking place. Any suggestions? I have attached a video file recording my screen. 

Another question I have is, I am making text files with fades in After effects. The file has a 1.5 second fade in animation. Lets say I want it to take 10 seconds for the slide to fade in, should I set the column transition time for 10 seconds

My last question is can I personalize the back ground in Glypheo with a particular picture I want? I am thinking of switching over to Glypheo for my text slides. 


  • Hello @wilson,

    As I can see in your video, you have a "media transition" on your layer : it means that the "media transition" will override the "column transition".
    And since your "media transition" is 0ms, it simply prevents any media on this layer, from having a transition.
    More info about transitions in this tutorial.

    By the way, you can display text in Millumin : see this tips.

    Regarding Glypheo : no, you cannot change the background.
    One solution could be to use a "color key" effect to remove the background, but the result might be not perfect.

    Best. Philippe
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