Blackmagic OR AJA

I am looking for some help with 4 live cameras that can be run from millumin as 4 separate layers. this is for a live show that requires  at least 4 live feeds to 3 projectors .iam using the latest mac pro please I need some help

AJA IO 4k or Blackmagic ultrastudio 4k


  • Hello @abhianimate,

    We don't have any feedback on the AJA IO 4k. However, we have an AJA Io XT that works perfectly with Millumin.
    As long as the IO4K can process the 4 flux to your computer, their is no reason that it don't work within Millumin.

    Blackmagic devices will be recognized as inputs in Millumin, so it will do the job too.

    You will find informations on the capture cards here.

  • Hi,

    Can you use the 4 inputs as the same time ? Will you use this device for acquisition and diffusion at the same time ?

  • Hello @PPHHMM,

    I don't think so, but you should ask AJA support to get a confirmation about this.

    Best. Philippe
  • For this type of thing you'd better get a presentation switcher (Barco S3/E2) and use millumin for the backgrounds. Minimum delay, maximum reliability.
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