Custom DMX fixture?


I'm trying to control a DMX led fixture, it's a monoprice 612745, and it seems like the available modes are incompatible with Millumin's defaults. Right now we're running in 8 channel mode. Is there any way in millumin to set custom profiles for LED fixtures to use all the channels correctly?



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    Hello @danielnjackson,

    For now, Millumin is focused on traditional lighting (PARs,PCs...).
    For now, custom light fixtures and moving head are not available. There is a possibility for this to be in the V2+.

    Regarding the documentation from your projector, you can use it in 6 channel mode and selecting the "par led RGB". You will need to put a gap of 3 channels between each projector.

    You can also create an uservoice so we keep track of your idea.

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