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Hello Anomes, (& wider community)

I've stumbled upon your wonderful software Glypheo, which is perfect for a project I'm running but I've hit a stumbling block.

I want to operate the show using a custom TouchOSC surface on an iPad, with simple 'previous', 'next' and 'blackout' push buttons mapped to control the titles.

I've worked several different ways of trying it with mixed results:

When 'previous' button is mapped with 'up' and 'next' is mapped with 'down' it works fine, but I'm stuggling to get consistent results mapping 'blackout' to 'shift+command+B' which is the keyboard shortcut for blackout.

I've also tried mapping with CC commands from buttons and assigning MIDI CC within qlypheo to those CC Values but the result is that Glypheo skips slides (sometimes 2, sometimes up to 4 at a time). Is it likely to be a velocity or control value thing?

I'm really keen on using this as a setup, preferably with the blackout option, but I could make do without.

Is there a way of operating using OSC strings much like in millumin with launchNextCollum etc? If not, is there a suggestion why the current MIDI CC control is so erratic.


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  • Hello @dav_norton,

    You can redefine the app shortcut of Glypheo as cmd+B for example.
    For that, just go in osx keyboard settings and redefine the shortcut. (see attached screenshot) and this tutorial.

    then you can assign your blackout button on cmd+b.

    Hope this helps,



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  • Hi Antoine,

    This works great, I've got it working on F1 which works fine. i've just tried mapping previous and next slide to F2 and F3 respectively and then mapped the touch OSC to trigger those keys, exactly like i have done with F1 and it doesn't work. Any idea why the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' wouldn't like F2 and F3 being used? Do they need to be more conventional modifier commands?

  • Sorry, meant to attach screenshot
    Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 16.25.11.png
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  • Hello @dav_norton,

    This trick was only for the blackout key.
    For next and previous subtitles, there is no need to record a shortcut (neither in system preferences nor Glypheo).
    Just select 'UP' and 'DOWN' keys in TouchOSC.


  • Hi Antoine,

    That works fine, and is how i have the touch OSC set up currently. I was just trying to figure out other options to work with it. Its a really good system to use and I'm finding it very useful. 



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