RCA camera live feed

I want to convert a RCA signal to HDMI using this in order to use a camera with only RCA outputs for a live feed. Has anyone does this or know if it is possible? 


  • Hello @wilson,

    Never used this device, but since this is pure hardware (no software drivers needed), there is no reason it shouldn't do what it's expected to do.
    However, if you need to capture the signal of your camera, it'd be probably better to directly buy a capture card that is compatible with RCA. Such as the Intensity Shuttle.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hey Philippe, 

    Thanks for the reply! I should have been more specific in that I want the feed to go through a particular surface in Millumin. I do not need to capture the images. The camera is a Cannon Vixia HG20 and has a stereo video cable output (stv-250n). I found this discussion but it seems like a lot for this task. 

  • I can second the BlackMagic approach -  I use the Intensity Extreme on my Thunderbolt MacPro and it works a dream - the breakout cable that comes with it allows all analogue capture and it also has the HDMI capture as well.

    It is worth remembering though that with Blackmagic products, not all video signals are compatible, so it would be definitely worth checking beforehand that either the camera itself outputs on the RCA at a supported signal or that the HDMI in your "convertor box" can output supported instead,


    Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 10.53.05.png
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