Midi key launches next column twice

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I am trying to use my midi keyboard to launch the next column just like
in the tutorial 'connect interactive devices'. When I press the assigned
key Millumin launches the next column, but when the key is released it launches another
I only want Millumin to respond to the keypress, not the release. Any ideas of how to fix this?


  • Hello @meneerdinges,

    To fix this, open the interaction panel, and select your midi interaction. Here, you change the transformer type of the interaction between "switch" and "toggle". Select the better one for what you want to do. "Switch" is selected by default, and should work in most of the cases. But depending on what your midi keyboard is sending, maybe you should use "toggle".

    Let me know if that solve your problem.
    Sincerely your,

  • Hi @NicolasB,
    Thanks for your reply. I changed the type to both toggle and switch but it doesn'nt solve the problem..
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    Hello @meneerdinges,

    If it is doesn't work, it may be because your keyboard is sending a key off when you release your button. If it is the problem, you could edit the toggle mode of your keyboard to change this behavior.
    Anyway, what is your midi keyboard model ?

    Sincerely your,
  • Hi @NicolasB,
    That's what I was afraid of, the midi note off message. Cannot change those settings on my keyboard, it's a very simple Alesis Q25 keyboard with piano keys..
    Thanks again, kind regards,

  • Hi @NicolasB,
    Doesn't every midi keyboard sent a note-off message when a key is released?
    Kind regards,
  • Did you solve this? I noticed this yesterday using a korg nano pad. Works fine assigning and launching by column, but when mapped to the launch next column arrow, moves on twice.
  • Hello.
    I've noticed the same behaviour with a Korg Nano Key...
  • Hello @andrew, @Alain and @meneerdinges.

    The next beta version Millumin will include your feedbacks.
    So pressing a pad with a "switch" behavior will "launch column", "launch next column" and medias.
    Thanks for the help.


  • I just tested the version sent. I mapped columns, next column and stop to the nano pad. All work well using the switch option.

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