Default Values for Column Transitions - Millumin2

Hi all,

Does anyone know if it is possible - or is there a workaround - so that i can have the value in COLUMN TRANSITIONS be a default for any new columns I create?

In essence, for my current project,when I create new COLUMNS, i want to have a 2.5 second "ease in, ease out" effect.

I am going to be having 100s of columns, so am thinking of a way to avoid having to manually go into each column and replace the 0.00 with 2.5

In MILLUMIN 1 i used to apply a TRANSITION EFFECT at the LAYER LEVEL and this would work great when new content was added to the grid, but his seems to be missing....

Any ideas?

Best regards as ever



  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    This is not possible, despite we have been thinking about it. Feel free to create an idea on Uservoice (this helps us to keep track of user requests, and see their popularity).

    In Millumin V2, you can still create transition per layer (and even per layer / per column) : see this tutorial. So you could do it just as in Millumin V1.

    Best. Philippe
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