Color Fill ? linear gradient ? Can´t find the "fill"

Hey all, 

i´ve seen this tutorial: 

And I can´t find the fill option or the linear gradient. 

Where is this option gone ? 
Did it go to the slice editor ? 

all the best Peter 


  • BTW

    I Like the forum software .... 
    its very responsive and deals good with links ...
    I have to check upload and pictures. 
    But seems to make it very easy to communicate. 
    very good 

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    Hello @pele2010,

    Please, note that the web page were you find this tutorial is marked as "For Millumin v1 only".
    Anyway, actually you can create color card by clicking on the "+" button under the library. In next update, there will be a gradient option in the color card.

    Did that solve your problem?

    Sincerely yours,

  • Hey Nicolas, 

    this button? 


    it would be great if we could have like a graphic which features have both and where they differ.
    Is there anything like that? Can be text form too?

    And yes, it solved my problem

    thanxs for that

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    Hey @pele2010,

    No, I am speaking of the button under the library. Please follow this tips to understand how to use color card.

    We don't provide the kind of graphics you asking for. Except some minor changes, the two software work pretty the same way. But feel free to submit a user's voice if you need one.

    Sincerely yours,
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    Hey Nicolas,

    perfect. Thanxs. 

    And sorry for my blindness. I have completely overseen this menu....

    the link was´t working ...

    there was a ":" missing before the "//" 

    here the new link: 

    thanxs Peter 

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