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I need to slow down a live feed in Millumin, and I have a few problems... and a few questions :D

The only solution I have found so far is:
- Use Millumin(1), apply a custom FreeframeTime Blur QTZ effect on the Live feed. Output to Syphon.
- And Grab this Syphon in Millumin2
Does anyone would think of a better/clean/easy solution ?

Philippe, I've tried to use the other solutions I've found in the forum : Old Movie & Video Feedback QTZ effects. But it seems they are both now broken in Millumin :'( Or is it only on my computer ?
By the way, do you still plan to bring qtz effects to Millumin2 ?



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    Edit: Sorry, I've understood my mistake with Old movie & Video Feedback qtz effects, the Capture video input just need to be added in QTZ Composer :D

    But anyways, if somebody has another solution in order to Slow down a Live feed in Millumin2...
  • Hello,

    Quartz Composer is a dying technology, that isn't supported by Apple any more.
    We have no plan to include QTZ effects in Millumin V2, sorry. But we'll come out with another kind of custom effects soon.

    For a "camera + time blur" effect in Millumin, the idea could be to use Syphon feedback.
    I attached a project example.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks a lot, nicely done ;)
    And it allows to freeze the feed too, perfect !

    Just a last question, (sorry it's qtz related ;)
    I may still have to use other qtz effects, and my fix using the "video input" patch is I think a bad solution (because for example among others, it needs a Virtual Multiplexer...). Do you know any other solution in qtz to fix for example the Old movie qtz effect ?

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    Hello @hyll,

    The "Accumulator" node in Quartz Composer seems broken in recent release of macOS. At least when used in an effect (input-image/output-image).
    You could avoid using this node, and the rest of the QTZ file will work.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for the tip, I'll check that.
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    For those who'd be interested, I got these broken effects working again, using the sampler plugin from Tom Butterworth
    Of course, you can use the sampler ability on your feed too. 

    Don't forget to publish the "input" !

    @Millumin: can't wait for your new effects in Millumin2, any ETA ? As soon as it is ready, I guess ;)

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