Automatically jump from one column to the next ?

Hey , 
I studied this tutorial and I was wondering how it´s possible to jump automatically from 
on column to the next without using the space bar. 

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics about content organization in Millumin.
First drag and drop your medias (images, movies, sounds) in the dashboard.
By hitting the space bar, you can go to the next column.

I found in the prefs a "auto follow" for the board, but I can't figure out how the auto follow 
for Columns work. 

all the best 


  • Hello @pele2010,

    The auto-follow mode could be explained like this :
    " if a movie (marked as auto-follow) reach his end, the next collumn is triggered automatically".

    Please let us know if thats not clear.


  • Hey , 

    thanxs Antoine, 

    yes you are right. I just checked it with "movie". 

    But I was playing around with "gif" animations and there is no option
    to those kind of media. So I was a little bit lost. 
    I didn´t want to offend nobody by asking stupid questions. 
    So after selecting movies it turned out that in fact my question is pretty obvious. 

    So I apologies for that. 

    So to sort this out: 
    what can I do if I like to automatically trigger a gif ? 
    And If I have an edited timeline and placed it in the board, how can I tell it to automatically advance? 
    Or is this not they way you would do things? 
    thanxs and 

  • edited October 2016
    Hello @pele2010,

    Gifs files are considered as animated-images by Millumin, so you can't have a loop-mode.
    One solution would be to render your gifs via a Timeline (drag your gif in a timeline and use Timeline->Render Timeline to File).

    You can submit an uservoice to have playmodes for TImelines and Gifs so we keep tracks of your idea.


  • Hey Antoine,

    Thanxs dir the fast answer.
    I had a look at the user voice and I guess I saw it already there. (Timelines)

    I will give this a second shot.

    As for the gif's: I will post this there.

    by the way, is the team working on a manual?
    The videos are very good , but sometimes a manual has advantages over playing video .

    I love reading manuals because while reading my mind keeps playing .

    I will post this too.

    All the best

  • Hello @pele2010,

    We don't have any manual.
    The main reason is that Millumin is continuously under development and an exhaustive manual will be outdated the day it will be out.



  • Hello

    In Millumin 1, I use a timeline with 2 cues to have a time. And the timeline could be auto follow.


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