Effects in the timeline?


why can I only apply effects to dashboard elements ? 
I was trying to ad an effect to the timeline but this is not possible. 
Is this more like those things have to be prepared in advance? 
all the best Peter 


  • Hello @pele2010,

    Effect are assigned to layers. Each layer have his own effects.
    To add effect to a timeline, drag a timeline in a dashboard layer. Then select that layer and go in the effect section.
    From that you can add effects to your layer (and they will be applied to all the medias rendering in it).


  • Hey , 

    ok I see ! 

    1. select the the layer in the timeline
    2. then you are able to select the Fx in the Panel (blur, etc.) 
    3. With the + sing in the layer section you can decide which parameter will be keyframed.

    very nice! 

    I like this a lot. 

    thanxs peter 

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