Live input with audio

Im trying to make sure this is possible. I don't currently have the hardware to test and verify. 

I plan on setting up 2 discrete canvas's. I plan on having 2 audio output devices. 
I know that if I put different media on each canvas, I can route the audio to their respective output devices, thus, creating 2 discrete video outs with falling audio.

How will this work with live Inputs. I plan on ingesting with a decklink quad 2, with a live feed to both canvas's. Both SDI feeds have embedded audio. I need this audio to be mappable to different audio outputs just like media... Is this possible?



  • Hello @zhpittman,

    Millumin can play audio from Blackmagic's capture feed, but it will output to the default audio device. It's not possible to choose the audio device, as you can do with audiovideo movies.
    I hope you're not disappointed. Feel free to submit an idea on Uservoice (it helps us to keep track of user requests and see their popularity).

    Best. Philippe
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