Advanced layout - outputs with different resolutions

We're looking to do a show that used a canvas size of 7680x1080, split into 3 out of a mac pro. Left being 1920, centre 3840 and right 1920.

I'm guessing using the advanced layout and adding 3 screens is the easiest way? I've had a quick play but don't have the switcher to test.

It seems a bit clumsy sizing and positioning the screens. The arrange button helps if I make 4 screens, remove one and resize the centre. Is this the best way or do you have any other suggestions?



  • Hello @andrew,

    If your 3 screens are separated, you could create 3 different canvases (click on the "+" icon in output-popup).

    If you prefer to use only one canvas, yes, you could use advanced-layout : you can double-click the corners to adjust the values numerically.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks for the tip. The 3 screens are separate, we were planning to have the media as 1 file not 3.

    If using 3 canvases, would I drop the file into each canvas and create a slice to suit? 

    I take it using 1 canvas and an advanced layout would use less processing than multiple canvases and slices?

  • Hello @andrew,

    Yes, you can create 3 different canvases, but still have only one movie (sliced into 3 layers : 1 media-layer and 2 copy-layers). This is the method I would recommand if you have 2 spearated screens (different contents).

    Having multiple canvases, or only one bigger canvas, isn't changing that much for performances.

    Best. Philippe
  • Thanks. I set this up with 3 canvases and sliced some test jpegs into 3 to test and works fine.

    I just made a quick test movie in AE but it doesn't seem to play properly when dropped into all 3 canvases.

    In any combination of 2 canvases it works perfectly, as soon as i add it to the 3rd one, it really struggles with playback.

    I've just tested the same video clip in my original setup of 1 canvas with 3 screens and it playback fine (although it's doing some strange sizing on the syphon outputs)

    I can send all files if needed. Cheers
  • Hello @andrew,

    Having 3 canvases is consuming a bit more resources than only 1 big canvas. Despite in your case, it would be more convenient to manage content I think.
    I don't know your machine, but depending on its power, yes, a difference in performance could be noticed (be sure to use "copy-layers" to save resources).

    About the strange sizing in Syphon outputs : it probably appears after your resize them, because it didn't resize the corner-mapping (it stay as it is). So you should reset it by clicking on the "gear" icon.

    Best. Philippe
  • That's now got both setups working well. I'm seeing an almost constant 60fps on a retina mac from both. On my older mac, performance looks slightly better in the single canvas, multiple screen setup.

    We'll be using trashcan macs for the show, so should run well.

    Am I missing something obvious, being able to move columns along the timeline like in V1?

  • Hello @andrew,

    Sorry, I didn't understand your question "being able to move columns along the timeline like in V1" ?

    Best. Philippe
  • In Millumin V1, when you click edit board, clicking the cog on a column lets you move it left/right, insert and remove.

    In V2 the move option isn't there. I see you can drag the media to extend over columns.

    For example, how could you easily move column 1 to say column 4
  • Hello @andrew,

    Yes, indeed, this is not in Millumin V2. But this wasn't very practical anyway, so we're thinking about using another interface pattern.
    However I got no ETA for the moment. Thank you for your patience.

    Best. Philippe
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