Sierra ??

Have you install sierra on your mac ? millumin works correctly ?
thanks for your response


  • Hello @gregtechnique,

    You will find info on the Help Center here.

    Of course, in a production environment, we do not recommend to update on
    a new OSX version right after its release. You should wait a few
    months, since Apple engineers usually publish several bug-fixes for the
    Finder, Wifi, display management, ...

    Best. Philippe

  • hello, have you some feedback about millumin and sierra ??
    I use FCPX and i want to update but i have also millumin 2 on this computer. 

    thanks best regards, Greg
  • Hello @gregtechnique,

    As for now, we don't have any particular feedback on the support regarding Sierra.
    So it looks like that you can update safely.
    As a security, please don't update just before a show and check that everything works OK.

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