MiniRecorder Audio on Millumin2


I was using Millumin 1 with a Blackmagic miniRecorder input. When active, in the "media" section there is an audio ticker to activate audio.
I am now using Millumin 2 but this option is not available anymore ! Where can i handle audio with this device in millumin2 ?



  • Hello @Gallo,

    This is something we're working on, but some part of the implementation must be rewritten.
    Thank you for your patience, we hope to release it soon.

    Best. Philippe
  • Ok, so this feature is not implemented yet. 
    Thanks for the information.
    I will stick with the V1 for now.

    PS : i found the V2 more reliable with the miniRecorder. Using the V1 i have frequent and random black screen flashes, which doesn't occur with the V2.

    Thanks again.
  • Hello @Gallo,

    For info, this feature is ready for next update.

    Best. Philippe
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