HDMI distance

I need a distance of 20 m between my DualHead DP Edition and my video projectors. Do you think it goes with a display HDMI adapter and 20m cable? Or do you think it is better to go through a RJ45 HDMI.
thank you in advance


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    Hello @Erwan,

    Usually, the maximal recommanded length for HDMI is 15m.
    After that, we know that it works in some cases with longer distances.

    You can perform a test with a good quality cable ( and letting us now your result ).
    Going through a HDMI/RJ45 would be a secure solution otherwise, a bit more expansive maybe.


  • Hello

    You can also use converters from blackmagic : https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/fr/products/microconverters
    100m for HD-SDI ! (1920x108060i test ok)


  • Hi there

    I would not recommand HDMI/RJ45
    You will get better bandwith and distance trough SDI or with fiber HDMI / DVI its becoming affortable
    some professionnal are using fiber 100M for less than 100 euro (trashable just like CAT5 cables)

  • Thank you for your answers. I will try with 20 m cable and if its not working ... we try another solution.
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