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I bought an enttec USB PRO DMX and his PRO-Manager (is the free Windows/Mac application used to manage compatible ENTTEC DMX USB products. Use PRO-Manager to test, upgrade and configure ENTTEC DMX-USB devices). When i test with pro manager all is ok and i can manage my light. When i configure my enttec on Millumin 2 by Windows-devices-DMX a little green circle tell me that all is ok. I create light but when i try to manage them nothing happen !

HELP PLEASE ! I AM IN CREATION ! thank you !!!


  • Hello @Psyke,

    Be sure you have selected the right device (see image below) :

    Best. Philippe
    PS : if you're in a hurry, it's usually better to reach our support directly contact(at)millumin
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  • Hello, Thank you i sended you an email for my little pb !
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