Mapping Corner Co-ordinates

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is a "glitch" with the ability to click on mapping corners and see their co-ordinates in the BETA version 2.17d

When I create a 1920 x 1080 canvas and then import a picture that fits exactly, the canvas corner co-ordinates seem to behave funny.

Where I might have expected to see 0,0 or 1920,0 or 0,1080 or 1920,1080 for full pixel width or maybe,
-960,-540, 960,540,-960,-540,960,540 if we are working from the centre of the image, they actually throw up some strange figures (see below)

It seems like they "add up" to the desired numbers but i'm not sure where the 0,0 point is based around ?

Hopefully, this is just perhaps a glitch, as the ability to "dial in" exact pixel positions for corners will help a lot.

Best regards


1024 x 768 - 300K


  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    Thank you for the report : the corner coordinates are expressed in layer's reference, but it should be in canvas reference.
    This will be fixed in next beta version (keep in mind this is still not part of the official version).

    Best. Philippe

    PS : such reports can be simply sent via email, especially using the "Feedback" button at the top of Millumin
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