Hi there,

Just a quick question to try and resolve "debate" amongst my colleagues.

I was wondering what is the correct pronunciation of MILLUMIN.

I say MILL - OOHM  - IN
One friend says MILL - YU - MIN
Another says MILL - OOO - MIN

Either way - truly a great piece of software, that is seemingly gaining in professionals popularity

Keep up the great work



  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    There is no rule to be honnest.
    The name is a derivate of "illuminate" : so pronounce like "milluminate" without the last syllabus. So rather MILL - OOO - MIN in english.

    Why is there a M at the beginning ? It means in french "myself", so you could translate "millumin" by "enlight myself" in french (phonetically).

    Best. Philippe
  • Many thanks, Philippe,

    I owe my friend a beer !!!! 


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