Manually moving mask live techniques?

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I have the show of my life coming up in 2 months (in Sweden, the land of Watchout, btw) so I'll be here asking a lot of questions! In our show, we plan to have multiple vertical LED surfaces and hopefully some projection on the stage floor. I've never done anything this complex so I'll need a lot of advice. My first questions is about dynamic masking. Can I control the position of a mask layer, say, with my iPhone (OSC app) or directly in Millumin, so if the dancers are representing a viking ship on the ocean I can somewhat mask them off from the overhead projected water surface with a soft-edged mask and move the mask as they move around the stage? We won't have enough rehearsal time together and zero pre-time in the venue to hard animate anything like that so I'm hoping I can watch a monitor and move the mask live (scary, I know!). Any advice?


  • Hello @lauriM,

    To create a dynamic mask, you can use the "matte" blending mode : see this tutorial.
    To control a layer via an iPad, the easiest solution is to use our template for TouchOSC (or adapt it to fit your needs) : see this tutorial. Alternatively, you could use Lemur.

    Best. Philippe
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