Millumin v2 Framerate

According to this topic, I think that framerate might be 50 fps if my movies are 1080p50. But when I display fps, it shows only 30 fps.

From what I know, there is no settings on this part in millumin v2. Is there anything I'm missing?




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    Hello @deuzair,

    As explained in the article, the framerate at which Millumin is working, depends on your output : if your output is at 30hz, then the framerate will be at 30fps. Millumin uses the lowest display frequency (so outputs can be synchronized).
    The framerate doesn't depends on movies at all.

    In brief : if your framerate is steady at 30fps, check your outputs from System Preferences / Monitors. This is probably the case if you use HDMI input for the Datapath X4 (such a device works only @60fps if using the display-port, check the specifications).
    If it's not steady, there must be a bottleneck somewhere else (disk, graphic card, ...).

    Best. Philippe
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    ok, I understand now what happenned. I thought that Datapath FX4/.H HDMI inputs were HDMI 2.0, but it's HDMI 1.4.
    I now understand my problem.
    Thank you @Millumin and sorry for the noise.
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