2x2 output positioning

I need to set up a 3840x2160 pixel space with four direct outs of a MacPro to iPros.  I have looked at V1 and V2 and see positioning tools to set up an advanced grid in V2.  The only problem I have is that I need exact pixel positioning because this will be edge butted with projectors.  It would work the same if it was LED butted together.  I want to make sure each of the four quadrants is positioned exactly at the pixel I want, upper left at 0,0, upper right at 1920,0, lower left at 0,1080, and lower right at 1920,1080.  I can not find anything in Millumin which shows the pixel coordinates of each quadrant.  It is all visual guessing and dragging the window. 
Are there numeric pixel positioning parameters somewhere I do not see?  an this be added if there are not?


  • Hello @geofgibson,

    We just published a beta version with a button "arrange" for the advanced-layout. It should fit your need.
    This version hasn't been published in the official channel. To get it, be sure you subscribed to beta version in Preferences/Update.

    However, since this is only a beta version, we're not sure keep this feature as it is. But at least, you can use this version to arrange your layout, then go back to official version (project files can read by the two versions).

    Best. Philippe
  • This is a nice feature, but I have always seemed to be able to SNAP to the displays within the main grid.

    For example when creating a 3x1 grid, there are "SMALL LINES" that show the gaps between the 3 screens and then individual media or split slices can be lined up 'seemingly' pixel for pixel.

    Obviously when things are not full screen surfaces, this new feature would be a bonus, for example when using non standard video wall aspect ratios.

    As such, can I add my vote to ask that this feature is added.

    Best regards


  • The features within both MADMAPPER and VDMX that allow for pixel values entering both at the input stage and the output stage are very useful when integrating with projection systems that have a BLEND already established and allow the user to map pixels exactly.

    It would be great to have this sort of facility within MILLUMIN 2, for example when it comes to corner pinning references for mapping, and also for the corner pining adjustments that are made at the output stage to surfaces.

    I have added this last point as a USERVOICE vote previously, as I feel this is something that was there previously in MILLUMIN (1) that would benefit users in 2

    I appreciate not all ideas can be implemented, and that even those that do make the grade may take some time. In the most part though, changes seem to be coming through think and fast and improving the whole user experiences, and this is why I now favour MILLUMIN over the other 2 softwares I mention in this post (!)

    Keep up the great work


  • Hello @scaryxpuppy,

    I think you're confused : geofgibson was speaking about the "advanced layout" (in Output popup).

    Anyway, a related feature have been shipped in lastest beta update 2.17.d (not in official-channel, activate beta-channel from Preferences) : double-click on a corner, and the numeric values will appear, so you could change it with numbers.

    Best. Philippe
  • i tried out 2x2 positioning, i had four outputs of

    2048x896 2176x896
    2048x768 2176x768

    arrange did not work as desiered and i had a missing pixel in my both bottom layers, i then used millumin syphon send output to arena and from arena there was no issue attached are 2 pics,
    see the horizontal line running throuout the image, the second one is just the syphon sent to arena

    4032 x 3024 - 2M
    4032 x 3024 - 2M
  • Hello @hitenbha,

    Could you send us your project (just the .millumin file) to contact (a) millumin ?
    Thank you, we'll study this issue of the beta version.

    Best. Philippe
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