Copy functions

Is there an ETA for the return of the "Copy Mapping Only" , 'Copy Mask Only', and 'Copy Effects Only' functions?  I understand I could just make surfaces for the Mapping function, but the copy functions were great in a pinch.


  • Hello @maxbowman,

    Copy-pasting makes your job hard when you have to change something : that's why surfaces are better, and it's only 2 clicks (click on the gray shapes in properties-panel, then confirm). See this tutorial for tricks (this tutorial is also relevant).

    Regarding copying-pasting masks or effects, we're studying another solution, but no release date for now. Sorry.

    Best. Philippe
  • totally agree the new surface method is vastly superior to the old copy method.

    Would love if at least the copy Mask only function would someday make it back in some version, but glad to know you guys are kicking ideas around! Thanks!
  • Hi

    Perhaps masks could have their own name ? So we could reuse a mask with a new layer. It's just an idea...
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