Automatic show start

Hi Millumin Geniuses, 

I've watched in the forum but it doesn't seem that someone already asked about it. (sorry if someone did ;)

Is it possible to launch automatically Millumin and run a show in a specific project ? Otherwise, will a script work for that ? 

Many thanks, cheers!



  • Hello @imagoo66,

    Did you try :
    - opening Preferences of Millumin, then setting a "default project"
    - right-click on Millumin's icon in the dock, and select "Open Millumin at startup"

    Best. Philippe
  • Hi Phillippe,

    A quick return on my experience after your message. I manage to autostart a project on startup with Milluminb what I did was to use your python script through OSC signal which worked perfectly. The only thing to know is that your show must be on play in order for it to be on play automatically. Pretty straight forward! nice job, many thanks for your help.
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