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Hi Millumin Genius, 

I writting a thread here as I have some trouble with one of my current job. I have 3 videoprojector (Vivitek) and a tripleHeadMatrox which work fine with Millumin. I'm using also After effect plugin to do the marks on my wall. When we did some test we discover an option with the vp's that would alternate the marks we did on the wall. After taking it off we've disconnect the vp's from both, the VP and the Matrox and the were still ok. The next day the marks were completly off again, and the soft edge too. I'm using a mac and the matrox is connected with thunderbolt. The connection to the VP's are VGA to display port (matrox side) and I use a compo size of 3840x1024. The problem doesn't seem to come from Millumin, and I suppose it happen when the Matrox is disconnected from the Mac. Every time it seems that the image that we launch with Millumin doesn't not keep the same ratio as the night before...

 Any reason why this would happen ? Is anyone already had the same kind of problem with the Matrox ? Is there any sort of memory inside the Matrox ?!

Thanks for you help, I hope it makes sense. Cheers.



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    Hello @imagoo66,

    It looks like the matroxes are shuffling the EDID. 
    You can use EDID emulators to force the ratio of your screen even while your beamers are disconnected.

    You can also try to force the matrox ration with switchResX.

    Lastly, be sure your videoprojectors are accepting the resolution/ratio outputted by the Matrox.


  • Hi Antoine,

    Thanks for your answer I will try that! I'll will write an update in case it can help someone else.

    A bientôt.
  • Hi Antoine,

    switchResX Was the right solution for me! Huge thanks :)


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