Edge blending [a bit urgent]

Hi Philippe

I'm a new user of millumin and i'm wondering if i had to buy a matrox card or if i can do without this for the moment.
I would know if it's possible to do some edge blending with millumin using only a MacBook pro with an hdmi port and a thunderbolt port ?

Have a good day,


  • Hello @rolenn,

    If you have 2 or 3 videoprojectors, you can do it with a MacBookPro Retina, since there are 2 mini-display ports (Thunderbolt) and one HDMI port. See this test (here there are 4 outputs, but without a Zotac, same result with 3 outputs).
    Regarding lastest MacBookPro Retina, be sure to use correct adapter as suggested by Michael here.

    Best. Philippe
  • Hey,

    Thank for you rapidity.
    For the show i only need two videoprojectors, so after seeing your different link, i think it'll be ok to do the projection without any adapter 'cause i'll use a MacBookPro Retina (but i don't know which one it'll be for the moment).
    Perhaps i'll buy an active adaptator to be sure as suggested MichaelWG but it's just for security.
    I think the Zotac is not apropriate to my project cause i only need an output of 1898 x 768 (the native resolution of my VPs is only 1024 x 768 and i want to do an horizontal edge blending) and i read that the zotac just make higher resolution than mine, isn't it ?

  • Hello @rolenn,

    You don't need a Zotac Dual HDMI indeed.
    Such a card allows you to split one Thunderbolt port into 2 HDMI ports (so a total resolution of 3840x1080).

    Best. Philippe
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