OSC Message changing in each column [Millumin 2]


looking on how to send different osc message in each column,
for now i can add a data track with osc message and choose if i want to trigger the message once or every column entry,
and by using the value i can send the message again few column after,

i didn't find the way to change the message between each column,

is there is a way or do we have to create multiple data layer with on message on each ?

Regards and again congrats on your beautiful job


  • Hello @captainprod,

    For now, it's not possible de change the OSC address : it is set for the whole data-track, and only the parameter of the OSC message is varying.
    But we are seriously thinking about adding an "event" mode, where you could push a different signal on every column (or timeline), such as OSC messages with different addresses.

    In brief : no, but very probably in the future.

    Best. Philippe
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